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Our Firdrona Storage Condominiums are equipped with heat, power, phone and internet access, as well as RV pump out station. We offer amenities that no other storage solution in Gig Harbor offers today for your own private garage or storage for a semi-truck, RV, boats, trailers, antique cars, or other large vehicles. If you are looking for outdoor RV parking or storage, our Port Orchard RV Parking facility is ideal.

Gig Harbor Warehouse

Beneficial Features of our Gig Harbor and Port Orchard Storage Units

Firdrona Storage Condominiums are located at 124th Street NW on Peacock Hill in Gig Harbor, near the Canterwood Golf and Country Club. There are 50 total units. Each unit is finished with insulation, paint, and wiring to allow you to move in and begin working immediately. Insulation, heat, TV, phone, internet allow tenants the comforts of home.

The standard size units average 600 square feet in size. They measure 15 feet wide and 40 feet deep which make them suitable for many uses. The jumbo units average 880 square feet and measure 22 feet wide by 40 deep.

Feel free to inquire and let us know your requirements.

This may be your ideal storage solution for a semi-truck, RV, boats, trailers, antique cars, or other large vehicles. We may offer a solution to your personal storage or business needs or become a base of operat... Read More

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Port Orchard RV Parking

Port Orchard RV Storage & Parking

If you are interested in outside RV or boat storage we have a second location at 1430 Lumsden Road inside the Industrial Park in Port Orchard.

See daffodilstorage.com or call 360-214-3003

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